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Our Services

We are a full service learning center offering academic testing services, though we do not require those as a pre-requisite for enrollment. We provide tutoring programs for all ages, as well as enrichment programs for students wanting to get ahead or that excel academically. During the school year, our most popular program is our Homework Support program where our homework coaches work closely with students, parents and even teachers to facilitate timeliness and accuracy with homework. Our tutors and coaches work diligently before the students come in for their sessions to become aware of pending assignments, upcoming tests and projects in order to help students successfully manage and use assignments effectively for test prep. We help students tap into their innate learning styles in order to help empower them to learn how to learn! Our study skills program, as well as test prep services give students varies learning strategies, stronger foundation and skills in test taking, essay composition as well as the specific test content. From the very young emerging reader that needs lots of “Way to go!” to the high school student working through a whole page chemistry problem, patience and encouragement that fosters self-esteem as a student is common practice at ALC.

Our Philosophy

…stems from the belief that all students are deserving of opportunities for academic success. To accommodate the varied ways in which students learn, our educational plans focus on the unique needs of the individual. We stress a comprehensive approach that partners with the family, school and community. Achievement Learning Center is committed to excellence and will achieve high standards for those we serve. It is our goal to be the catalyst for life-long learning.

Our Approach

Achievement Learning Center (founded in 1998) offers tutoring programs built on proven principals in education. The instructional design of each program is based on the specific needs of each learner, and great attention is devoted to developing individualized strategies that will lead the learner to success.

Our highly interactive curriculum in the areas of early readingreading comprehensionwriting and math focuses on meeting the needs of students lacking in basic skills, as well as providing a challenge for students excelling above grade level. Additionally, our study skills and homework success programs identify behaviors conducive to optimal learning, including organizational and time management strategies.

Stress management techniques and positive reinforcers are an integral part of each student’s plan. An extensive variety of teaching tools are used to best accommodate learning style and motivation. State-of-the-art technology, computerized programs, manipulatives, and a variety of practice materials provide the means necessary to motivate learners.

Our Founder

Denise Kniffin is the founder and owner of Achievement Learning Center. Her career as an educator spans 30+ years as she brings an ideal blend of educational and business experience to this venture. In the 1980’s and early 90’s, Denise co-owned and operated Creative World Learning Centers, a group of Austin-based early childhood centers and a private elementary school. She has continued her commitment to educational excellence offering academic services to students in the broader Austin areafor the past 20 years. Denise lives in the Lake Travis community with her husband Doug and together they have raised two children.

Owner's Welcome...


As both a parent and educator, I understand children and how they learn. The philosophy of Achievement Learning Center stems from the belief that all students deserve opportunities for academic success. We realize that report card time can either be a source of stress or cause for celebration…either way, it's a valuable tool in measuring areas of difficulty. The reality is that very few of us go through life without a bump or two in the road. In fact, it's totally normal for someone to be instinctively better at some things than others. What has changed over the years though, is what we do about it. Tutorial programs are becoming increasingly popular and can help students through the "bumps in the road". Parents are realizing the best investment they can make for their child's future is in their educational success.


Whether a student is struggling in school or looking for academic enrichment, we can provide a learning program designed to maximize his/her true learning potential. To accommodate the varied ways in which students learn, our educational plans focus on the unique needs of the individual. We stress a comprehensive approach that partners with the family, school and community. With the advantage of academic tutoring, your child will look forward to report card time - and so will you!


I encourage you and your student to stop by the learning center and visit with us at any time. Or, simply drop me a quick email and we’ll schedule a personal consultation for you.




Denise Kniffin       



Denise and her staff have been incredible in communicating our daughter's progress and in helping us navigate school meetings.”

Ryan J.

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