Our Tutoring Programs

At Achievement Learning Center, all our programs are implemented through one-hour instructional sessions. Teachers work with students on their own tailor-made learning plan and use a variety of teaching tools to best accommodate learning styles, interest and age. All instructional sessions begin with a warm-up activity that incorporates a component for stress management. Achievement Zen helps students learn to relax, focus and plan for a productive session. 

From the moment students walk in the door, the learning environment is as stress free as possible and very encouraging. This ensures success for the many learning opportunities provided. Each instructional session ends with a re-cap and a plan for moving forward.  When students are able to assume ownership and apply practical techniques to their academics, positive results occur.

Early Reading Program

It's our goal to equip students with the necessary tools and motivation to become successful readers. Reading is the most important skill required for success in life – it really is fundamental. In our Early Reading Program, students are taught to read independently through the use of a systematic approach. In this approach, students are taught sounds and the importance of blending sounds into words. For phonics instruction to work, it needs to be systematic… it cannot start somewhere in the middle. Our program teaches letter knowledge and phonemic awareness, or an understanding that letters represent sounds, by techniques that are meaningful and interactive. The intent of instruction is to engage students in the kinds of activities that will prepare them for reading, thinking, and problem solving typical of real-world situations. Diverse and individual needs are met by varying the time and intensity of instruction, not by having students complete boring, pointless, repetitive skill sheets. Throughout the early reading program, young students have access to a variety of engaging activities that provide for differing proficiencies and abilities. Families are encouraged to participate through some of the "take-home" materials provided. As students progress through the program, they quickly develop their fluency through immediate participation in authentic reading and writing activities, bridging the gap between sounds and meaning. Learning to read empowers children. Learning to learn enables them to use that power intelligently and to take charge of their own learning process as soon as possible. At AchievementLearning Center, we are committed to improving confidence and motivation in all learners to help them achieve their truest potential.


Reading Comprehension Program

In our Reading Comprehension Program, we focus on assisting students in strategically comprehending written information. The instructional design of each program is based on the specific needs of each learner. Great attention is given to helping students develop strategies for constructing meaning from print, as well as strategies that extend their understanding and enjoyment of reading. We strengthen students’ abilities in areas such as summarization, characterization, predicting events and techniques to improve their ability to think and respond at higher levels. Through engaging literacy experiences, all students are taught strategies for making the best use of the text they read. To support this goal, students work to improve their vocabulary by using words in context, making analogies, categorizing, defining synonyms and antonyms, and more. In understanding the complex nature of reading, it becomes evident that a student’s confidence and motivation are key components to achieving success in reading. At Achievement Learning Center, we are committed to helping students see that reading is a means to an end, not the end itself. When reading is seen and valued as a more significant experience, students learn to appreciate reading as significant in their own life - helping them achieve to their truest potential.


Writing Program

The Writing Program at Achievement Learning Center is designed to help students primarily understand the process and tools used for authorship. In this program, we focus on helping students think about the stages a writer goes through to clearly communicate a message. Students gain an understanding of how an author paints pictures of words and ideas in the reader’s mind. Understanding these processes helps students develop as authors themselves.

To achieve this, the specific needs of each student have been identified through testing to easily target objectives that will facilitate each student’s development in writing. Instruction in skills such as punctuation, capitalization and paragraph development serves to assist each student as he/she learns to revise and edit drafts of writing. As students learn to advance their writing skills, they learn that authors write for different purposes, and thus, students engage in compositions that are written to inform, persuade, entertain, and express themselves. State-of-the-art technology and computerized programs are an integral part of each student’s program. 

This integrated approach to learning motivates students to become more reflective in their writing. At Achievement Learning Center, we focus on the learner as a "whole" and therefore, concentrate our efforts on helping him/her apply specific skills to the broad scope of writing in a meaningful way. All students in grades 2-12 benefit from the techniques used in this program.


Mathematics Program

The mathematics curriculum is a highly interactive program that enables students to develop a solid foundation in the basic concepts and language of all areas of math including algebra, geometry, calculus and trigonometry. The curriculum is comprehensive and fully correlated to mastery standards, as well as state and nationally adopted textbooks. In order to successfully understand math concepts, we must build on prior learning, therefore it is essential to begin each students’ plan based on what the student knows. Weaker skills identified through the solid assessment at Achievement Learning Center are formulated into an individualized plan that incorporates many tools for optimum effect. Students use visual aids, manipulatives and hands-on materials to promote the visualization and formation of concepts. Computerized lessons provide a systematic and motivating avenue for practice, as well as on-going assessment for assigned skills. Students learn how to use common sense, mental math, calculators, as well as strategies to effectively solve problems and to check answers for reasonableness. Mathematics is about making numbers make sense – when students can work flexibly with numbers and reason with numerical information, they learn to appreciate mathematics as a tool for solving problems and interpreting events. Along with encouraging positive attitudes toward math, the goal of each individual student plan at Achievement Learning Center is to lead the learner from practice and procedures to making sense of and communicating about math.


Study Skills Program

The study skills program offered at Achievement Learning Center is designed for students in grades four through twelve.  Students are often told that they need to use their time more effectively, to take better notes in class, to do their homework, and to study better for tests.  However, they are not often told how to do these things.  The program at Achievement Learning Center is meant to teach an understanding of why study skills are important.

Through the information provided from the initial evaluation, a plan is developed around the learning style, preferences and habits of each student.  The ability to tap into the "whole student" is particularly important in the study skills program.  The program incorporates time management, organizational skills, and effective study habits.  Our goal is to teach students how to study smarter.  Additionally, we address note-taking and test-taking strategies, as well as a reading rate component to help students increase their reading skills.   Reference skills are developed and enhanced through the use of the Internet, and organizational techniques and learning strategies are a primary focus.

The study skills program includes classroom application where students can apply skills learned at Achievement Learning Center into their own classroom assignments.  Relating the learning process in a meaningful way leads to increased levels of a student's understanding of their own study habits, which is the necessary formula for success.  Parents are encouraged to be involved in their child's program while at Achievement Learning Center, as the connection between school and home is essential to the optimum success of all learners


Homework Success Program

School doesn’t always go as smoothly as students and parents would like. Frustration can quickly mount when students don’t understand a concept encountered during homework, or don’t feel they know how to prepare for an upcoming test. What can be distressing for a parent, is to have a child suddenly not understanding a subject that has always come easy. Furthermore, students that are challenged with maintaining organization of their materials, as well as deficiencies with successfully planning for quizzes, tests and projects can constantly feel behind. At Achievement Learning Center, we understand these concerns. "Homework Success" is the ideal supplement for a student who feels unsuccessful in a particular school course.

In Homework Success, we conquer current homework assignments and help students use the assignments to prepare for upcoming tests. The program doesn’t stop with just homework help. It goes beyond by assessing the overall educational strengths and weaknesses of each student. Homework coaches work with students to use their innate learning style to effectivley apply learning techniques that work for that student. The tutors and coaches can collaborate with classsroom teachers, as well as check teacher's daily webpage postings for assignments to help students stay current and plan ahead. We also help students use Tx Connect as a resource for success, as well as to monitor student grades and progress.  When difficulties arise, tutors and coaches have the information necessary to guide students into the correct action plan. The goal of "Homework Success" is to help each learner become a successful and confident student.


K-5th Skill Boosters Program

READING (K-2nd) Enriching and engaging activities that center on phonemic awareness and word building. Emerging readers practice fluency, comprehension and vocabulary through age appropriate lessons that build reading skills and confidence, facilitating review and a preview of what’s to come! Lots of multi-sensory learning!


READING (3rd-5th) Practice with comprehension strategies in an interactive format where students read for information and have opportunities to “talk it out”. Students practice reader response activities in written format for finding detail, as well as making inferences and drawing conclusions. Vocabulary practice is implemented in a creative format while mini-computerized activities provide fun tech reinforcement.


WRITING – Writing is a necessary life skill and guidance with basic dictation,  sentence structure, and paragraph development helps students experience the process of written expression. Fun prompts and creative writing choices allow for productivity with end results the students are proud to show off! Older students participate in more advanced writing with visual and color coding techniques for organizing, drafting and revising. As students learn to advance their writing skills, they are guided with techniques for quality paragraph development, including grammar, sentence structure, vocabulary and punctuation.


MATH- Designed as a means to review or look ahead! Math fundamentals are the foundation to higher math skills so ensuring strong competency is important.  Individualization for students comes from initially assessing their skills to identify the weaker ones. Work with calculation, math fluency and word problems implemented in an enriching and interactive format help students gain both confidence and skills! Tech reinforcement with engaging math games. 


STUDY SKILLS (4th, 5th) – Helping students learn how to learn without the pressures of homework! Activities center on organizational strategies, note taking techniques that promote a deeper understanding of the textbook and general study techniques that help with retention. Engaging and interactive format with test taking tips and strategies for successful learning, centered on the student’s identified learning style.

*All skill boosters are 10 individualized sessions which can be scheduled around students' busy summer schedules. 

6th-12th Skill Boosters Program

READING – Strategies to increase both speed and efficiency with reading comprehension. Students are taught techniques for active reading, including ways to adjust to and get more from varied texts – informational versus literature. Often times, even good readers are not using techniques that facilitate better efficiency and effectiveness. Offered throughout the summer.


STUDY SKILLS – Helping students learn how to learn without the pressures of homework! Activities center on time management strategies, note taking, study techniques and test taking tips. Student Learning Style’s will be identified as a means to facilitate better study efficiency and strength. Offered throughout the summer.


WRITING – Writing is a necessary life skill. Guidance with techniques for organizing, drafting and revising helps students realize that writing can be much easier than what many perceive. As students learn to advance their writing skills, they are guided with techniques for thesis development, quality paragraph/essay development, including grammar, sentence structure, vocabulary and punctuation. Offered throughout the summer - 10 individualized sessions.


MATH/SCIENCE- Designed for students as a means to review or look ahead. Sessions are devoted to weak areas that may interfere with the foundation needed to move forward or to giving students a preview of what they will see in the Fall as a way to facilitate confidence in the new school year. Separate programs offered in basic math, pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, algebra 2, pre-calculus, biology, physics, chemistry. Offered throughout the summer – 10 sessions (hours) – scheduled individually.


PSAT/SAT/ACT PREP – Practice with strategies and content in all areas of these tests. Great for rising sophomores and juniors as a means to experience various practice exercises with individual guidance to facilitate understanding. Sessions are divided to focus on all content areas – critical reading, math, writing and science (ACT) only. 

We just can't say enough about the positive atmosphere and the incredible tutor our son had.”

Jamie S.