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Off-Campus Learning



We do Learning Pods...

       (.... and Home Schooling, Independent Study and Distance Learning)

We both host and support off-campus learners - either safely in our learning center or online in your own home…

Learning Pods or Micro-Schools are most basically small groups of off-campus student learners organized around a set school curriculum taught online. Necessitated by the on-going pandemic, parents are taking on this challenge, but it remains a monumental task for the vast majority of non-educators. That’s were we come in…

  • In-Center Learning Pods - We offer an ideal classroom-like setting that inherently supports small group learning. Our facility is specially designed for a full range of learning activities and our staff has extensive educational experience in classroom management, curriculum development and implementation, as well as individual subject tutoring with students of all ages. We offer:

    • Small Group Learning (2-4 students)

    • School curriculum tracking expertise

    • Educational and technology infrastructure (supporting on-line learning)

    • Convenient scheduling

    • Affordable group rates


  • On-line Learning Pod Support - If your family is more comfortable hosting your own small group of learners, we are fully experienced in extending the same level of support services via remote on-line instruction and tutoring.


  • Home School Support - If your family is pursuing a more traditional home schooling track, then we are experienced in supporting all the various components that go into a successful home schooling enterprise - from curriculum selection and support to subject instruction.


Regardless of your off-campus learning choices - learning pods, homeschooling, on-line learning or independent study - we offer several options to assist:

  • Coaching– Many alternative learners benefit from assistance with setting weekly academic goals, time management and project planning. Working without the structure of a traditional classroom can be challenging so having an ALC coach to meet with and offer a layer of student accountability can facilitate student progress forward. 

  • Subject Tutoring– Receiving assistance to facilitate independence with subject matter ensures a student's effectiveness as they self-guide through courses. Students may need occasional support or regular weekly tutoring to provide the skills necessary to move forward in between tutoring sessions. 

  • Assessment– Whether as a means of evaluating student strengths/needs within an off-campus educational setting, or to obtain an academic profile as a student moves back into a traditional classroom, our assessment protocol can support those decisions. 

  • Consulting – Students’ needs are quite varied and there are so many educational options available to parents these days. We work with families, assisting with the decision when it comes to the best educational forum for their child. 

"What a relief! I'm not a teacher - I just want to get back to being a Mom! ”

Tricia M.