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Online Tutoring


Online learning is an essential part of maintaining and promoting our kids educational needs now and in the future and we are confident that our rich and interactive online tutoring solutions fill that need. 

  • Our online tool box:

    • Zoom is widely used in education and provides a simple to use interface, quick learning curve as well as versatility in delivering the best distance tutoring experience for your student.

    • Google G-Suite (Drive/Docs) provides an easy to use collaborative environment that helps students stay in touch with their tutors and share important learning resources

    • Learning Websites (, IXL, SuperTeachers, etc.)  that extend the tutoring environment by providing rich and highly interactive educational content that we incorporate in each student's learning plan

    • TeachWorks is our administrative platform that ties it all together and our team relies on for scheduling, staff/parent/student communication and billing

  • Parent Considerations - We are here to help…

    • Technically - on-staff tech support is available for any help you may need

    • Educationally - success of any online tutoring format relies on comfort with the tools and realistic expectations of the process

    • Communication is the key - We're always available for you!

  • Student Considerations - Tutoring session guidelines:

    • Key to success with on-line learning is having the right setting - a private, comfortable, quiet environment without outside noise and distractions - can’t say enough about this!!

    • No interruptions - either physical or virtual (texting, calls, siblings, friends, etc)

    • No eating during sessions

    • Unlike in-center sessions - we must rely on the students and parents to insure this part


  • Technical Considerations - access to an appropriate internet connected, video capable device:

    • iPad or Tablet (stylus is ideal)

    • Laptop computer or Chromebook (touchscreen if possible)

    • Desktop computer (digital pad/stylus is ideal)

    • Optional - headphones/AirPods/etc.

    • Smart Phone use is discouraged (due to screen size limitations) as a primary tutoring device

    • Smart phones can be useful as a secondary whiteboard drawing device during Zoom sessions

"I shouldn't have been surprised at how easily my son adapted to online tutoring - our kids were born into this tech world!”

Marci J.


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