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All About us - FAQs


Everything you ever wanted to know about Achievement Learning Center. Of course, we are always glad to answer any questions...

How long will a student's tutoring program take?

What we usually see is that it takes about six months for a student to gain 1 to 1 1/2 years of academic growth. This is based on two, one-hour sessions per week. Of course, students can vary with this, as each person is different and individual. Data from learning centers, in general, support this time frame. Based on our own data of tracking student progress, we are seeing average gains of one full grade level after 40 hours of instruction.

What is your teacher/student ratio?

It may vary depending on the age of the student, the degree of their skill deficits and the program they are enrolled in. All on-line sessions are one-on-one, as are in-center early learner, enrichment and remedial programs. Secondary in-center Homework support and Study Skills programs range up to two-to-one.  All programs are completely individualized; each student is on his or her own plan. Even with small groups, the teacher works with each student—not the group.


How is your program better than a private tutor for my child?

Private tutors can be a great solution if a student needs help understanding an isolated concept or skill. But by design, tutors usually are not equipped to provide an academic evaluation that actually identifies gaps in the learning process. We also feel that, though it sounds great, a private tutor can encourage dependence rather than  independence in learning. Our programs promote student ownership of their learning and we see results that set very positive, life-long habits.

What about academic testing?

Unlike many other tutoring centers, we don't require testing for enrollment. STAAR testing is state mandated but does not show at what grade level the student is actually performing. Our skill-based assessment can help identify and formulate an individualized learning plan that takes into account grade, as well as age equivalence, when providing academic intervention. By knowing the specific skills needed, time is not devoted to skills already mastered.

What makes your tutors so successful?

Our teachers are selected for their professional training, certifications, subject matter expertise and tutoring experience. Professional demeanor and age-appropriate rapport with our students - whether elementary or high school age - makes a key difference in student tutorial success. Our pay scale is also higher than the industry norm, which enables us to be very selective in acquiring the most experienced teachers to work with our students.

How are you different from other learning centers?
  • There are no contracts for service and do we not require paid evaluation to start a tutoring program. 

  • We are Austin-based and independently owned and operated—not franchised. 

  • Our owner has 30 years experience in private elementary, early childhood education and educational consulting in the Austin area. 

  • Our curriculum is based on Texas standards (as well as National) and is correlated to STAAR objectives.

  • We re-evaluate throughout the prescribed program at no additional fee.

  • We encourage strong ties with "the school" and conference with teachers at no additional fee.

  • Our program focuses on the student as a whole, incorporating tools to evaluate their learning style, habits and general attitudes about learning.

  • We include stress management and study skill strategies in all student plans.

  • Our facility has been designed with the student as priority. While state-of-the-art, it is also comfortable and "friendly". 

  • We are invested in the technology infrastructure - whether in-center or on-line - that maximizes our students' learning experience.

How will I know how my child is doing in your program?

We include parents in the process while students are here with us. We feel your goals for your child are an important factor when designing a learning plan. We communicate regularly with you regarding tutoring sessions and overall progress so that you can support your child. Learners show more progress when a partnership is formed with educators and families. We feel the involvement of parents is essential for student success.

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